Coco Flamingo Bodycare – Review

Hello, all you beautiful people!

Want to pamper your body and skin? Looking for products that have natural ingredients and affordable for everyday use? Then go on reading below.

Recently I got introduced to this deliciously divine body care range. Boots Middleeast sent me this amazing kit of body care products. Its called Coco Flamingo. The name itself made me fall in love with all the products. I have started using these products for past 7 days and I kid you not I am loving the way my skin feels soooooo soft and silky.

Coco Flamingo is a flamboyantly fabulous NEW suite of coconut oil body products from British brand Inecto, to preen, pout and stand out! The new range offers pampering gorgeousness from head to toe with a  Super Creamy Body Wash, Brilliant Body Polish, Silky Smooth Body Lotion, Moisturising Body Oil and Fabulous Hand & Nail cream. All enriched with organic coconut oil for velvety smooth skin that smells tropically divine.

Below are the products:

  1.  Coco Flamingo Super Creamy Body Wash comes in a 500ml bottle which I am sure can be used for over 2 months. I love the way how it makes my body so smooth and leaving it moisturised the whole day. Its priced at AED 35. 
  2. Coco Flamingo Brilliant Body Polish comes in a tube of 150ml. Its a natural body scrub infused with organic coconut oil that gives my skin the oomph it needs. Definitely going to continue using this once a week. Its priced at AED 40. 
  3. Coco Flamingo Silky Smooth Body Lotion comes in a 250ml tube. Enriched in coconut oil, this lotion pampers the skin with goodness and leaving it velvety smooth finish. Its priced at AED 45. 
  4. Coco Flamingo Moisturising Body Oil comes in a 250ml bottle. Infused with organic coconut oil, the lightweight oil is non-sticky and easy to apply right after a shower. It quickly absorbs into the skin and its perfect for daily use. Its priced at AED 45. 
  5. Coco Flamingo Fabulous Hand & Nail cream comes in a 75ml tube. This has become my go-to hand cream. Its with me in my bag, in my car and at night in bed. I love the lightweight formula that quickly absorbs into the skin leaving my hands soft and smooth throughout the day. Its priced at AED 25. 

I am absolutely in love with this coconut oil body care range and will definitely continue to use it. All these products are available at any Boots Pharmacy in Dubai.


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