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Since a long time I am fascinated by the BOHO look and wanted to wear such looks on a beach holiday. When I think of the word “Bohemian”, I think of a free world, where I can let my hair down, put on some free-flowing clothing, and run away to a place where the sun kisses the ocean. What place would that be, you ask? I’m talking about beautiful Goa, of course. And guess what I recently visited Goa for a 3-day trip and in this blog post I will be showcasing the Bohemian look of different outfits that I wore during my trip.

So Goa is my (just like everyone else’s) favorite go-to location for a relaxing getaway. This was my second visit there – and why not – there’s food, there’s the beach and of course – the beach shacks. The weather was quite pleasant with cloudy skies and rainy evenings on one of the day. I opted for light, airy clothes to fight the crazy humidity. I’m all for extravagant embroidery and light fabrics and this look will be no different. Here’s my Look:

Look 1:

For the first day, I wore this light airy yellow tee with ruffled sleeves from Mango and Black cotton shorts from Forever 21. To add some dimension to the outfit, layered it up with chunky boho necklace that I got from the streets of Bangkok. Also, the tee was a bit long so I tied a knot in the middle. Since I was at the beach that day, I wore these super comfy chappals. I was wearing basic makeup with turquoise eyeliner for my under eyes from Provoc and pinkish shade matte liquid lipstick from Sephora. The location for this shoot is Anjuna Beach, a quiet beach far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering tranquil and scenic sunsets. This place is definitely worth a visit when in Goa.

Look 2:

For the 2nd day, I wore an off-shoulder embroidered top and lace shorts that I bought from Khan Market in Delhi. Since I was touring around the city that day, I wore my comfortable sneakers from Toms. For jewelry, I wore white feather earrings. That day I visited Old and New Church in Old Goa, My favorite church in the Panjim city “Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary” and Dona Paulo.

Look 3:

For the 3rd day, I paired up my favorite denim shorts from New Look with a DIY fringe polka dot crop top. To add some dimension to the outfit, layered it up with a sheer tribal printed shrug from FBB. Easy and breezy for the hot and humid climate while also protecting me from the elements. I styled this look with gold gladiators and boho statement necklace.

On the beach day, since I was not going to swim, I wore a black sleeveless tank top with checkered cotton shorts.

That’s it for my Goa travelogue. Hope you guys enjoyed the looks! If you did then don’t forget to show some love by liking and sharing my page. Thank you!


Do you want to add some life to your décor, but you’re not sure where to start?

Then you’re not alone.

Why not consider going all tropical?

It’s becoming a growing trend right now. When some people hear the word ‘tropical’, they immediately think of loud, garish and over-the-top colors. Exotic colors and textures—fit for a balmy oasis like the Bahamas or Fiji—have been making a splash on the 2017 home design circuit. And I can’t get enough of the scorching trend. Sure, tropical looks can be loud. But that doesn’t mean they have to be tacky. Bold, over-scale tropical leaves in graphic prints can make a sophisticated statement.

From lighting to cushions, wallpaper to duvets, hallways to mirrors, fashionable tropical décor strikes the right balance between showcasing vibrant colors and nailing that relaxing holiday vibe. Think flowery prints, with soft, light greens, pale pinks and patterns with subtle coral, brown and blue undertones. A tropical interior design theme isn’t about making overly wild statements and making your house guests feel like they’re living in Rio in the middle of Mardi Gras. Instead, it’s about embracing a welcome boost of color into the home, all in good taste. It’s about being light and breezy.

Image courtesy: Pinterest


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


If your decor has truly put you in the tropical mood, infuse your outfit with natural vibes and earth-toned hues. Paired my tropical dress with my favorite green heels.

Dress: Primark; Shoes: Glamorous; Watch: Michael Kors

It’s worth a look. After all, when you think about it, is there anything more comfortable and warm than an exotic retreat? Hope you agree with me.


Hello friends!

Today I am going to enlighten you with some of the latest summer styles that’s trending these days in basically all the types of industries. I’ve been seeing these trends everywhere from fashion to interiors and in the work of some of today’s top contemporary artists. With any trend, I recommend incorporating small touches into your own home and accessories and artwork are a great way to do this.

Below are the mood boards I put together of all of the things I’ve been inspired by lately and also some ideas for how you can incorporate this look into your own home! I hope you find this as inspiring as I do!

1) Starting with PASTELS…This year, pastels are all the rage.  We’ve already seen them on the runways in spring fashion collections, but did you know pastels will be big for interiors, too?  A complete 180 from the dark greys and heavy wood tones that have dominated the interior scene lately, this spring we’ll see things freshen up with light shades of our favorite colors.  The trick?  Keeping it contemporary.
2) NeoN Brights….Bright and Funky, everyone needs a little neon in their life at some point don’t they? I am really loving bright pops of colour right now, from my electric blue skinny jeans to the gorgeous HELLO KITTY lipstick I recently purchased in the hottest pink.
Here you have an eclectic mix of bold and bright neon colours, very kitsch and quirky, I can see this working really well against a stark, white backdrop, or perhaps something more urban and industrial.
3) Pretty in Lace…With a provocative and sweet feel, it’s no surprise that lace has become the ultimate must-have this season. From dark and edgy to vintage and soft, the versatile, ornate fabric can do no wrong. We’ve seen this trend on a variety of looks this season ranging from tops and skirts, to gloves and jewelry and now to INTERIORS as well..
4) TEAL color…..This is not your ordinary teal. This is a stand-out, warmly tinted, wildly refined, deep teal. Neither green nor blue, silent nor shocking, deep teal pauses in a perfect middle-ground aesthetic that will turn heads and feel just right at home or in your closet…
5) NATURAL…There is something to be said about the timeless looks of a neutral palette in INTERIORS or FASHION. One of the current trend, of course, were the so-called “neutral” colors: beige, nude, flesh-colored, and shades of powder or sand and similar to them palette of semitones.
The naturalness, innocence, tenderness – that’s what designers remind us in their spring collections. This applies to evening dresses and to casual wear, to lingerie and shoes, to handbags and all other kinds of accessories and home decor.
6) LEOPARD…..Leopard, leopard and more leopard is all that we are seeing from last few seasons.  Leopard is the popular trend in prints and textiles.  It is also used in just about every apparel piece, shoe, watch, and even nail art this season. It has started its trend in home interiors as well from floor rugs to throw pillows and beyond.
7) MINIMALIST….Minimalism is a trend that has been used in interior design and architecture. Minimalist design has been highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture. The trend somehow helps you to create a smart, relaxing, clutter-free look in your home. Thus, modern minimalist pictured softer, more personal and easier to live with.
8) PAINTERLY…The new painting techniques are popping up in everything from tabletop decor and cushions to wallpaper, from mobile covers to handbags. Wide brush strokes, mural paintings and finger painting are opening up new ways to incorporate vibrant flourishes of art in our everyday lives.
9) SUZANI…In its most general sense, the Uzbek word “suzani” means needlework. However, most suzani lovers associate the word with the intricate, beautiful, and colorful embroidery work made by women in the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan. They add great pattern and beautiful eclectic touch and can work in country, modern or vintage interiors.
10) ART…Colorful and Abstract!!
So what do you guys think of these trends?? Please leave your feedbacks and comments below. And also tell me which one is your favorite? I LOVE, LOVE all of them 😀 * Cheers*