The Promiscuous Millennial Shopper

What is “in” today can be “out” in a week for the “Millennials”.  We all have seen their lifestyles with the hipster coffee-house visits, Instagram unboxing-stories showing off their latest kicks or uber rides to the trendiest club night. In Everything, they have the urge to seek instant gratification with a mantra shop eat sleep repeat.

They shop promiscuously, love to live in the big cities with small houses and adapt to technology which can make them claim the fame of being Bold. If you can relate to this so far, you are on the right page at the right time. We at PS interiors have curated the latest millennial decor trends and bring across the flavor of the season (knowing very well your choices will change next season since you are a millennial!).

1. Multipurpose storage did you say?

What is the point of owning anything if it cannot serve you in at least 5 different ways!

We don’t know any millennial who doesn’t own the brightly colored IKEA storage boxes and uses them as a table or as a stool. Cost effective, simple, convenient and OCD friendly, these are the must-haves to save some space and organize your collection. You can tuck them beneath your bed, in your cupboard or even your car.

Just ensure the color matches your wall paint or your phone case at least 🙂

2. Everything rose gold and marble!

We are still not over the color theme of Tania’s Tea House. (Check out my blog post of that place). It is so easy to achieve luxury and simplicity at the same time at a lower price, if you choose this combination of rose gold and marble finish accents. You can host the perfect tea parties while listening to Drake or Buddha Bar, all you need is the right lighting and comfy cushions.

Caution: this combination is a tad bit girly but who doesn’t like that?

  1. Can my cushions be more expensive than my sofa?

Hell Ya! What Millennial thinks twice before splurging on the soft, fluffy, eye-catchy cushion? Call it a throw pillow, shop stopper, unicorn, arm candy you name it but claim it. These make so much sense as we forgot what was comfort without this! Also, these don’t go out of fashion easily.

Hint: they are an investment if you ask us so don’t think twice before buying.

  1. Alexa turn on the lights. Blink!

But wait, we thought Millennials don’t like things like Edison bulb because it is stuff from the past. Erm… no such thing! Edison bulbs will make you look smart if not cool. Choose from a wide range of digital bulbs and save your money for the next date night. Also isn’t it romantic to command the lights and woo your girl?  If you don’t want Alexa or Melissa to control it, you can always opt for the motion sensor technology.

  1. Green Leafy Stuff

Succulents, cacti or anything in green is a must-have decor. Succulents have a thick, dense nature because they retain water …. like cacti. But we aren’t talking just about cacti when we’re talking about succulents. We’re talking about an array of green shades and fun textures that are alive and bring a bout of fresh air to any space of the house. We love using these to sprinkle around the house during the summer months.

  1. Who has time to paint?

Answer: Wallpapers!

The ageless discovery, this can convert any room into anything you desire and would cost you half the price and more the value. Millennials usually prefer neutral tones with bold prints which can give the small room a bigger breathing area. Sometimes just wallpaper on a single wall can do wonders. Make sure you have the eye to select the right texture, print or color.

Some stores we like to explore in Dubai

  1. Your best bet – Online (SheIn, The Bowery Company, Namshi and many more..)
  2. Dragon Market
  3. H&M decor
  4. Pylones (Dubai Mall, UAE)
  5. Ikea
  6. Virgin Megastore
  7. Urban Outfitters (not available in UAE)
  8. Forever 21
  9. Typo

So what not to shop?

  1. Leather
  2. Single purpose items
  3. Kids friendly furniture/decor (you might be on the wrong page)
  4. Plastic (because eww)
  5. Personalized items (Millenials we don’t like attachments)
  6. Intricate detailing (surely must be expensive)
Written and Researched by Puja JD.

Hello Everyone!

Stuck on how to accessorize an end table or nightstand?

There are so many ways to style/accessorize a table, and really there are no rules. However, if you aren’t sure where to begin below is a list of basic items to use that you can’t go wrong with:

*A lamp
* Floral/branches

In addition, here are a few more accessorizing tips to get you on your way:
Use items of varied heights to keep the eye moving.  Have something short, something medium, and something tall.  Use stacked books to add height if needed.
Layer your accessories.  Don’t be afraid to let your lamp cover a portion of the artwork.
Group differently shaped items together.  If everything is square/rectangle it just looks boring.
Add pops of color.
Use unique items that mean something to you, such as something purchased from a trip.  These are great conversation starters, and will add a lot of character to your arrangement.
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Color your home can bring life and excitement to otherwise dull areas. Why do we choose particular colors for Interior Designing? It is because we either like them or have seen them in a magazine or someone’s home. But, some of us have trouble deciding on which colors we really want to use in our own home.

So, what do you do? Look around the room and see what color is predominant in your furniture  and fabrics. Now choose a predominant color from the ones you see and that will be your base color for the room. It will also be the interior wall paint color

How Do Colors Make You Feel?

This is a very important element when creating a design. Colors are an extension of who you are and express emotions with clarity. What do you want out of the space? Do you want to evoke energy, or rather have it appear more relaxed? Is the space for everyone in the home or just you? Knowing this is the first step, and then using color to create a personal palette of style is next.

Yellow = Idealist, Self-fulfillment, Lofty dreams.
Green = Moral, Balance, Caring, companion.
Blue-Green = Sensitive, Exacting and sensitive.
Blue = Secure, Conservative, Trusting and loyal friend.
Purple = Polite, Vain and non-impressionable.
Lavender = Social, Civilized and neat.
Brown = Dependable, Conservative by nature.
Red = Aggressive, Vigorous, Impulsive in your mood and actions.
Burgundy = Ambition, Conscience and strength.
Pink = Romantic, Charm, Softness and warmth.
Orange =Adventuress, Good-natured and charming
White = Simplicity, Neat and immaculate.
Gray = Cautious and non-committal.
Black = Dignified, Sophisticated and mysterious.

However, don’t run out and buy the color that matches your personality if you already have colors in your home. These personalities are just a non-scientific way to look at colors and how and why people choose them. But, keep in mind that some colors don’t work in all rooms; so be careful how you choose them.

Warmer and Cooler Colors

Warmer colors like Reds, Oranges and Yellows create intimate spaces, although they may be bright and colorful, but they are homely and alive. These colors bring energy to the room so they are good for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, where people often gather to eat, play or relax.

Cooler colors like blues, greens and purples are best at creating relaxed spaces that are soothing and calm. They work great for bedrooms, kid’s rooms and bathrooms, since you sleep and relax in both. But if you are like me and love to have a crisp, cool and open space, than cool colors are your best bet. If you are worried the room will look too cold, then there are many ways to warm it up with textures, furniture and accessories

Both warm and cool colors can open a space but in different ways. Cool colors help give a space a clean, airy and modern feel. With the help of whites, it’s refreshingly brightened. Warm colors stimulate a space so the energy they create can make a room seem larger than it is.

I hope this blog will help you all in choosing exact colors for your HOME. Remember, Right colors at Right places, will make your HOME, a place to be.  Till then *Cheers*…..