About ps

Hello and Welcome!

I am Pooja Solanki, an Interior Designer turned Lifestyle Blogger living in Dubai, UAE. Here I will be sharing all things about beauty, fashion, my personal style, interior design tips and ideas, food and restaurant reviews, and my travel adventures. I began my blog as a way to share what gets me inspired, all the things I love and I have experienced.

I am BA Interior design graduate from Manipal University, Dubai. After a successful career in interior designing and working as Senior Designer and Consultant for many firms, I founded p.s interiors in 2010 to provide high-end design, development and aesthetically pleasing services to discerning clients.

I started out of much love for fashion, photography, and food. As they say, “do what you Love and Love what you do”, Interior and Lifestyle blogging fit perfectly in this phrase for me.

When I’m not blogging I enjoy eating, sleeping, and watching tons of YouTube videos, exploring new places in Dubai and planning my next travel adventures.

With this blog, I aim to inspire and help my readers to lead a beautiful life, which I myself am trying ever since I can remember. I believe dressing up, home decor, eating out, travelling, reading and all these small things combined with love add beauty to our daily lives. I am trying to make this space a community for like-minded people who share the same interests and Passion ~_~

Whether you’re a new follower or have been reading my blog from the beginning, thank you SO much for reading and supporting me. I will never be able to express how much it means to me. Love you all!

xoxo, ps

For press, collaboration and general inquiries please contact at pooja.solanki@gmail.com