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Do you know? There are about two million dust mites living in your bed, feeding on you as you snooze. Then there are the bed bugs, bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses also taking refuge between your sheets, not to mention under your carpets, on your sofa, and in your curtains. Eww right?

Whether you realize it or not, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a real concern in the UAE. Extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, the continuous use of air conditioning, frequent sandstorms and a never-ending haze of construction dust all contribute in ensuring that the air that gets trapped in our homes is full of impurities.

I know we do not think about all of this in our everyday busy life. Neither did I. But then I came across this company called The Healthy Home ME which is currently focusing on treatments for mattresses and other soft furnishings, and uses an innovative, dry and chemical-free deep-cleaning solution that eliminates dead or living dust mites, bed bugs, bacteria, mold and fungi and their fragments from any home environment. It claims to be “the only company in the Middle East that can completely sanitize your mattress”. After seeing some interesting videos and stories on Instagram about them, I decided to call them to my home.

The Healthy Home sent a team to my home with two huge trolleys filled with their innovative gadgets and machine. I opted for mattress cleaning and sanitation treatment for my bedroom since my mattress was more than 3 years old and of course, I never got this done before. Very briefly one of the team members explained me the whole process of the treatment. I was super excited to see how the process worked that’s why they provided me a nose mask so I can be in the room as well.

The Healthy Home Team


Let me explain you the whole process. Their dry and chemical-free sanitizing treatment is the most effective method for allergen control in the mattress with tested and guaranteed results. It is performed in two steps:

Step 1

  • They used a specialized industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device that provides extreme vibration and suction to both sides of the mattress, removing dust particles, fungal spores, and other debris.
  • After the removal of the waste particles, it’s time for The Healthy Home exclusive sanitation.

The dirt that came out of first swipe of the Vaccum


Step 1: Deep Vacuuming on the entire mattress


Vaccum Bag after the 1st step

Step 2

  • Then they applied the world’s first and only medical grade mattress sanitation technology using Germicidal Ultra Violet Light (GUVL), available with The Healthy Home in the Middle East, that used powerful Ultra Violet light to destroy DNA and eliminate any remaining dust particles leaving the mattress completely sanitized.
  • UV light mirrors the natural outdoor purification system of the sun, by decomposing the allergy and disease-causing microbes living and multiplying in unnoticed surfaces inside our house.
  • This device also neutralizes unpleasant odors from the mattress ensuring freshness.
  • They also applied overheated dry steam technology that, unlike regular steam cleaning, heats the regular tap water into dry steam and fogs it at 180◦C to create a thermal shock that kills all Bacteria, Viruses, and Impurities and dries in less than 1 minute. They sprayed this steam in my entire room including all the knobs, handles, door handle, chair, my cabinet, pillows, duvet and even my IKEA fur rug…aww I loved it.

Step 2: UV Light Sanitation

I was completely satisfied with the whole process and it took less than 25 minutes to finish both the steps. I  was also shocked to see the dirt that came out of my mattress. It’s truly the best thing you can do to yourself and your family. I strongly recommend this treatment at least once in 6 months because it’s important to stay healthy and sleep peacefully in today’s hectic world.

Visit their website for more information and you can also book a demo service that they provide.

Till then stay healthy and happy…xoxo




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