Check my experience about World’s first Harper Bazaar Cafe in Dubai.

Image Courtesy: Harper bazaar cafe website

Whenever we girlfriends meet up, we always look upon Zomato for new places to discover. And same way I came across Harper Bazaar Cafe at City Walk 2. So on a Saturday afternoon we all girls decided to go there for brunch. As we entered the City walk, we came to this beautifully located cafe in the corner.

Harper’s Bazaar is synonymous with sophistication, fashion, and trend-setting couture. The venue is designed to be an ever-changing social space that serves up vibrant food, fashion, and art in celebration of the heritage and style of the magazine. A living embodiment of the iconic fashion magazine, the Harper’s Bazaar Café is a sophisticated and immersive experience, capturing the chic and provocative elegance that defines the brand. The interiors had my favorite finish which was marble everywhere. The place was very airy and gave a relaxing brunch feel.

Coming to the food, they have a big variety of food and drinks. What I like the most in their menu is that they serve breakfast all day! We ordered Avocado toast ( which was very well done|), Paleo Friendly Zucchini Noodles ( this was wow in their healthy section), French fries with cheese and 3 sauce, and Caesar Salad (they made special one without chicken) my favorite Passion Fruit Mojito ( this was such a refreshing drink).

Its a nice place for breakfast and lunch and would definitely go back soon. Till then Cheers x

Do you have acne-prone skin? And are you afraid to do any kind of facial or treatment on your face just like me? Then I guess your worries are over with the facial I recently got done at The Artist Beauty Lounge. Read below to know more.

Since I have acne on my face since two years now, I am afraid to use any new products apart from my tea tree products I use from The Bodyshop. But then when I went for my Olaplex treatment, my sweet friend Reshu Malhotra from The Artist Beauty Lounge recommended me to go with the Dermalogica Medi Bac facial at their salon. At first, I was very hesitant but then its been long time I didn’t get any facial I thought of trying it. Before I share my experience, I want to give you guys some information about Dermalogica.

The Artist Beauty Lounge is a certified Dermalogica beauty salon with certified Dermalogica skin therapists. Dermalogica is an American personal care company headquartered in Carson, California. Its product portfolio includes cleansers, exfoliants, toners, masques, eye treatments, and moisturizers, as well as an acne treatment line. Dermalogica is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts. All the Dermalogica skin treatments are designed based on each person’s skin; therefore each treatment is different.

Image courtesy: The Artist Beauty Lounge Facebook page

On reaching the salon, I was greeted by the Therapist Rani, she was the one doing my facial. She also did my Olaplex treatment (read my previous blog for that experience) at The Artist Beauty Lounge. The staff at this salon is very friendly and always makes me feel at home. She gave me a Dermalogica Consultation Card to fill out the details about me and specific concerns I have about my skin. This helped her to understand my skin and my daily routine back better. Thereafter she took me to the facial room which was quite cozy and had a relaxing feel to it. Now, on to the treatment:

The treatment room

Dermalogica Products

1.  First, my face was thoroughly cleansed.  As what the therapist told me, they do double cleansing in Dermalogica. I personally love that since all the oil and dirt is removed.

2.  After cleansing was the face-mapping. This is where my skin was analyzed from the forehead up to the collarbone to identify my skin’s problems and needs.  I was told that I have a combination skin: dry on the cheeks, oily on the t-zone.  Also, she told me my skin was very dehydrated and I should start drinking double the quantity of water compared to what I drink now.

Image courtesy: Dermalogica website

3. An enzymatic exfoliation serum was applied and massaged on my face followed by a facial brush.

4.  After the exfoliation, a serum was applied to my face.  According to the skin therapist, it is to aid in the extraction. Then my skin was generously steamed prior to the application of the extraction fluid.  I was literally trying to stop myself from dozing off, but laying there, with the relaxing music and the soothing hands of my therapist made it a lot harder for me.

5. Extraction time! Now, I’m sure this is the part that all of us dread the most in facials. C’mon, who wouldn’t hate the pricking and the scraping from that metal tool? The actual extraction took around 10-15 minutes. She removed lots of blackheads and whiteheads which were deep inside my skin. You might be thinking if that way of extraction can actually extract whiteheads and blackheads? Well, I doubted it at first too. But after my facial and the redness all gone, my pores look a lot cleaner most especially those on my nose area.

6. A post-extraction solution was applied on my face.

7. A purifying serum was applied all over my face and then massaged with a galvanic tool.

8. A purifying mask was placed on my face and then followed by a shoulder and arm massage. This was the best part of the facial. I really enjoyed the massage which was much needed.

9. After the mask was taken off, a toner was sprayed on my entire face followed by the application of a moisturizer and an eye cream.

The entire treatment lasted for almost 75mins.

Result: I just loved the way my skin felt post-treatment. The skin was soft a bit red but looked very clear. Those hidden whiteheads under my skin were all gone and there was no more bumpy surface. The next day the redness was gone and my skin felt healthy. Also, I started drinking lots of water now. Its been two weeks since the treatment, I haven’t noticed any bumps and my skin still looks fresh and hydrated.

With the skin therapist, Rani

My clear looking skin right after the treatment

I would definitely recommend this treatment to all who have acne-prone skin and are afraid to do any facials.  Below are the details for the salon.

Price: AED 320 for 75mins

Location: 18th Street, Behind Movenpick Hotel, Oud Metha Road

Contact: 04 358 2000 or