Hello Everyone,

We all love our lipsticks and we know that the right lipstick can instantly transform our look and make us feel more confident. But keeping our lipstick clean to prevent the spread of germs, removing long-wearing lipstick from our lips, or getting lipstick stains out of our clothing can sometimes seem like a challenge. Our mouths carry bacteria and that’s why sometimes lipstick need to be cleaned and disinfected. Rather than throwing our “oh so favorite” shade, just a quick disinfecting can have it clean and ready to live vibrantly on our lips!

Below are few easy steps to disinfect your lipstick:

Step 1: Scrape Off Top Layer

Because the top layer can have residue such as air particles and lint, its best to scrape off that first thin layer. This can be done with a Q-tip, but I chose to slice it with a kitchen knife for a cleaner finish.

Step 2: Fill a cup with isopropyl alcohol.

To clean and sanitize your lipstick, you’ll need a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, which you can find at any supermarket. Pour enough into a cup so you’ll be able to easily submerge the lipstick into it.

  • Isopropyl alcohol comes in different percentages. For cleaning your lipstick, 70% is usually the best option. It’s strong enough to kill the bacteria and germs that might be present on the lipstick but won’t evaporate as quickly as higher concentrations.

Step 3: Dip your lipstick in the alcohol.

Take the tube of lipstick that you want to clean, and turn it all the way up the entire bullet is exposed. Submerge the lipstick in the cup of alcohol, and hold it there for 15 to 30 seconds.

Step 4: Wipe off the lipstick and let it air dry.

 After you’ve let the lipstick soak in the alcohol, remove it from the cup. Use a tissue to wipe off the top layer of lipstick from the bullet, and leave the lipstick uncovered so it can finish air drying the rest of the way.

Your lipstick is now disinfected and ready for use again! Hope you liked this DIY post!


Hello everyone,

Today I am going to share with you this brand that I came across in BeautyWorld Exhibition that happened last month in Dubai. It’s called Misslyn. I am super excited to use this brand for the first time. Misslyn is the makeup brand from Germany and very few shops here in Dubai carries it. It’s a great quality brand with affordable prices. Below are few items that I bought.

✔️Shades of Rose – it’s a pink nude eyeshadow palette (very pigmented and soft)

✔️Made to stay – it’s a water resistant foundation in shade 110 with creamy texture and perfect coverage

✔️Maxim eyes – it’s a volume mascara

✔️BB concealer – it’s a full cover and hydro care concealer in shade 16

✔️Stay with me – it’s a matte fixing spray for fixing your makeup and matting your complexion

✔️Shaping Queen – it’s a dual blush and highlight stick in color 6 Pink cupcake glow 

This brand is very unique with their super cute retro vintage packaging! I love using these products for my daily look. Do check it out and hopefully, you will love it too. xx