You’ve bought the art, and now comes the tricky bit—how do you display it? How high is too high? How many should you combine in a collage to create a unique but coherent statement? How secure can your art be without destroying your wall with hideously heavy nails? Our take: it’s less science and more art. Sure, there’s the 57″ rule (A work of art should have its center 57 inches off the floor—average human eye level), and the fact that you should probably start in the middle and then work around it, all the while treating the collage as one picture, not many. And we do advice you to use two hooks per artwork so they stay level. However, the fact of the matter remains that it’s really all up to you, so have fun with it (with some sense of proportion, of course): mix disparate—or objects—images together, go ceiling to floor, and switch art around every few weeks. Whatever you do, the ruler stays your best friend, and so does a strapping someone who holds up the art while you have that long, decisive think