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Recently, I had come across a “pixel inspired furniture piece” at THE HOTEL SHOW exhibition that took place 2 weeks back in Dubai World Trade Center.  Since then I am very fascinated with such an innovative design.  The pointillism painters were fascinated by them in the late 1800′s. Modern society measures picture quality with them. And these days, they have become a source of inspiration in decor. Pixels are now common in the design world featured as graphic prints on everything from pillows to bed-sheets to meticulously-constructed lamps and clocks. A dizzying array of designers has set their sights on this pixel-inspired trend. From furniture and lighting to tiles and textiles, items are getting cubed, bitmapped and scattered.

This enthrallment may in part be sparked by an increasingly digital world and in part by our initial fascination with dots, evident during the pointillism period in art – how a large group of many tiny dots, varying in color, can compose a larger image. Regardless, they make for funky and modern touches in our living room or bedroom and are probably a good conversation starter.

Listed below are some of the most coolest and imaginative examples of pixelated designs that I came across (Thanks to Google :)) and I promise you each and every piece will enthrall you with its creativity.

These below 8-bit inspired furniture designs are the brain-child of London-based Designer Cristian Zuzunaga. His Interior accessory store has a cool collection of pillows, rugs and couches that celebrate pixels.
Below is Pixel Hand Hanger….

Hello Everyone!!

Everyone aspires for a colorful lifestyle. People often have certain reservations on the use of colors at home. Colors carry the capacity of styling and glamorizing our homes just as perfectly as they have the power to depict our personality. My Last blog was about COLOR YOUR HOME. Here are 10 Terrific Ways to Refresh your HOME with Colors.

1. Perfect Blends:
Use colors with strong union and varying characters. For instance, combine bright colors like pink, yellow, orange with sophisticated colors like white, black, grey. The picture below is a perfect example of such a perfect blend.
2. Spotlight:
Use colored furniture as the main focus of the room and neutral colors on walls and floor, like in the below picture.
3. Spice It Up: The vigor of depth and the power of contrast can distinctively punctuate the space in a very unusual way. Check out the illustrative picture below. Its a combination of bright colors, different textures and patterns.
4. Elevated Contrast: Create a chic space by making a bold statement by using colors with a strong contrast. For instance, the picture below shows a very classy chic set up with bright yellow used in accents like cushions, accessories and detailing.
5. Colors of Nature:Using nature’s palette in a neutral setup makes up for a smart and long term choice of colors. They never get outdated and always carry a unique sense of vigor. Nature’s palette includes colors like Blues, Greens, Browns.
6. Fresh and Gentle:Create a warm and inviting space with muted, soft, subtle and sophisticated colors like browns, greys, greens and oranges, like in this picture below.
7. Synchronize with Color: Harmonious colors or colors with similar tones and shades are easy to work with. However a subtle contrast does magic in such a color scheme. Below picture uses one color Pink with its different tones and shades.
8. Classic and Crisp:Using timeless classic color combinations that could please everyone’s eyes, alongside some crispy colored focus, does wonders. As shown in below picture.
9. Assorted Colors:Try your hand on a very colorful scheme. I know it is never easy, but you can make a personal style statement with this color assortment. As shown in the below picture, totally love the combination of all the bright colors used in right places.
10. Happy Go Lucky:Create a casual but focal happy-go-lucky spot in some corner of the room as your personal colorful space. Use colors that soothe your eyes.
I hope this blog with pictures gives you better ideas about Coloring your HOME!!  * Cheers*

Color your home can bring life and excitement to otherwise dull areas. Why do we choose particular colors for Interior Designing? It is because we either like them or have seen them in a magazine or someone’s home. But, some of us have trouble deciding on which colors we really want to use in our own home.

So, what do you do? Look around the room and see what color is predominant in your furniture  and fabrics. Now choose a predominant color from the ones you see and that will be your base color for the room. It will also be the interior wall paint color

How Do Colors Make You Feel?

This is a very important element when creating a design. Colors are an extension of who you are and express emotions with clarity. What do you want out of the space? Do you want to evoke energy, or rather have it appear more relaxed? Is the space for everyone in the home or just you? Knowing this is the first step, and then using color to create a personal palette of style is next.

Yellow = Idealist, Self-fulfillment, Lofty dreams.
Green = Moral, Balance, Caring, companion.
Blue-Green = Sensitive, Exacting and sensitive.
Blue = Secure, Conservative, Trusting and loyal friend.
Purple = Polite, Vain and non-impressionable.
Lavender = Social, Civilized and neat.
Brown = Dependable, Conservative by nature.
Red = Aggressive, Vigorous, Impulsive in your mood and actions.
Burgundy = Ambition, Conscience and strength.
Pink = Romantic, Charm, Softness and warmth.
Orange =Adventuress, Good-natured and charming
White = Simplicity, Neat and immaculate.
Gray = Cautious and non-committal.
Black = Dignified, Sophisticated and mysterious.

However, don’t run out and buy the color that matches your personality if you already have colors in your home. These personalities are just a non-scientific way to look at colors and how and why people choose them. But, keep in mind that some colors don’t work in all rooms; so be careful how you choose them.

Warmer and Cooler Colors

Warmer colors like Reds, Oranges and Yellows create intimate spaces, although they may be bright and colorful, but they are homely and alive. These colors bring energy to the room so they are good for living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms, where people often gather to eat, play or relax.

Cooler colors like blues, greens and purples are best at creating relaxed spaces that are soothing and calm. They work great for bedrooms, kid’s rooms and bathrooms, since you sleep and relax in both. But if you are like me and love to have a crisp, cool and open space, than cool colors are your best bet. If you are worried the room will look too cold, then there are many ways to warm it up with textures, furniture and accessories

Both warm and cool colors can open a space but in different ways. Cool colors help give a space a clean, airy and modern feel. With the help of whites, it’s refreshingly brightened. Warm colors stimulate a space so the energy they create can make a room seem larger than it is.

I hope this blog will help you all in choosing exact colors for your HOME. Remember, Right colors at Right places, will make your HOME, a place to be.  Till then *Cheers*…..

My new endeavor Pooja Solanki’s blog!!! It’s live and the scariest part is deciding what I am going to write. As its said “Find something you love, and go after it, with all of your heart” So here it goes! I’ll start with offering a bit of information about myself and what you can expect from posts …moving forward.
My name is Pooja Solanki and after a successful career in Interior Designing syndication and after working as Senior Designer and Consultant for firms like Feshwari (more than 30years in the furnishing industry) and H20 concepts (dealing in major brands of commercial interiors) in Dubai, UAE, I established p.s interiors in December 2010 to provide high-end design, development and aesthetically pleasing services to discerning clients. I am one of the lucky ones who followed my passion, and can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt.
Blackberry Mobile Phone’s tagline is one of my favorite one….
” I LOVE what I DO “ and that’s exactly what I do…Designing!! 
As a Science student in the High School, I was obviously interested in Engineering and Technology. But somewhere I was also very much interested in Creative stuff. I had interest in Designing my own clothes and accessories as well as cushions for my bedroom. I always used to draw while explaning any of my ideas. Later after my 12th grade, as I started applying to colleges, my father showed me an article from the newspaper, that talked about the NEW University in Dubai offering Interior Design 3-year Degree Course. And That was it!!! There was No Turning back from there. I started enjoying the whole new world of Designing and Creativity. The words “Interior Designer” on the pages in front of me, just became the happiness to my destination.
That’s plenty for now. Here’s what you can expect from Upcoming
Pooja Solanki’s Blog….An Inspiration, Capturing and Discussing the trends, Hot new looks, Design Tips and Interesting news to brighten your day through the world of design. I am so excited about what 2012 will hold for all of us. The creativity and inspirations that I see and appreciate daily are a sure sign that many great things are to come.*CHEERS* to all the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead!!!